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Design Concept

Framework of people / places / concepts

We consistently use a framework centered around three elements: people, places, and concepts in every project.

This simple approach helps clarify the client's goals and aspirations and balances seemingly conflicting and complex relationships with the needs of the project.



Landscapes play an important role in creating strong connections between people.

We start with a deep understanding of our clients, communities, cultures and projects and work on them with a human-centric approach.

Focusing on humans takes into account all scales, from elegant, functional and playful details, to bring practicality and joy to those who use them.


Buildings and their designs create a meaningful experience between people and their places.

Our approach identifies what is the most important character of the place and highlights its geographical uniqueness and landscape beauty. We aim to make products that are not only cultural but also environmentally friendly, while utilizing natural resources and considering their impact on the environment.



Develop project themes by exchanging ideas with clients, builders, and designers.

The process of pursuing the relationship between people and places clarifies the principles of modeling and all design and determines the concept of the project.

The concept is an opportunity to create a rich and unexpected environment with rich and unexpected shapes, materials, colors and textures, and brings joy to those who use it.

We leverage both analog and digital, 2D and 3D design tools to explore all possibilities. Project concepts are explored in 3D modeling and handwritten drawings and sketches.

This allows you to experiment with multiple concepts on different scales and reveal project-specific formal and spatial relationships.

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