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1. Inquiry

Please feel free to contact us from Contact.


If you would like to make your dream patio or reshape outdoor living, we will send you a planning sheet.

By filling out the planning sheet, you will shape what you exactly want.

Please enjoy planning ideals with your family.

2. Hearing

Please be sure to make a reservation before coming to our studio.

We also accepts Zoom meeting.


Please contact us based on the planning sheet you filled out.

If you have a drawing of your house, a map of the site, iamges of the surrounding environment, sketches, etc., please bring them, so that we will able to help you more precisely .

3. Field survey

We will visit the site to investigate the slope of the land, existing buildings, trees and other surrounding environments.

Please let us know your desired schedule.

​ * There will be a charge from here.

4. Drawings & Quotations

We will start the design based on the field survey and the customer's request, and create the drawing and the quotation.

5. Start of construction

If you are satisfied with the plan, we will conclude a contract and start construction.


CREER JAPON's builder and creator team will construct it to create a living space that is unique to you.


During the construction, If we find some better ideas to improve the original design, we will propose it to you.

6. Delivery

In the presence of the customer, we will confirm the contents and hand over the garden.


Please enjoy the new garden.

7. Maintenance

We also provide maintenance and consultation after the completion of construction, and annual management of planting.

We aim to long term relationship with our clients

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