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Where the aesthetics of discrete glamor end up

OCHRE's writing art chosen by architects and interior designers around the world

We see OCHRE as a work of art with the function of lighting.

When deciding the concept of the project, by starting the image of the space from the OCHRE product

It goes beyond the details of the product and makes you imagine the composition of the entire space more concretely.

I am honored to be able to propose that OCHRE to all the clients of CREER JAPON.

You can also see chandeliers and sample materials at CREER JAPON's studio.

arctic pear single wave 160cm_edited.jpg

about OCHRE

Founded in 1996 by British designers Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell McDonald, who share the discreet aesthetics of beauty (discrete glamor), OCHRE was founded four years later by Solene de la Fuchardi. We welcomed Yale as a partner as the third designer.

OCHRE has been adopted in private residences, boutique hotels and restaurants around the world, and its sophisticated design, high quality materials and craftsmanship are internationally acclaimed for its unparalleled beauty.


OCHRE's work, which combines harmonious proportions, luxurious materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and these elements at a high level, seems to be a work of art in which each one has a function.


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